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Virtual Sports Championship is screened at an exclusive channel in OPAP stores. To place a bet, simply check the odds on screen a few minutes before the kick-off, submit your playslip at your retailer or via Opapbet and be ready to watch relevant match highlights. Once your bet is validated, redeem your ticket at the counter. Please follow the instructions below of how to fill relevant playslip!

1. Please fil the Matchday’s corresponding 3 digit number in code area:

2. or optionally you can place a bet to next Matchday

3. Please fil at least one selection from available markets:

4. Please fil the amount of money you want to bet:

5. If you want to place a system bet, you can fil the desirable system in the following area:

6. Validate your slip to over the counter and receive your bet receipt from the agent.

You can always place a bet in additional markets in Virtual Sports through Self Service Betting Terminals (Opapbet).