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HOW TO PLAY - Virtual Races

HOW TO PLAY - Virtual Races

​​​​​​ 1. Please mark your betting selection e.g. «ΝΙΚΗΤΗΣ - WINNER» (participant No4) on the corresponding «ΕΠΙΛΕΞΕ ΣΥΜΜΕΤΕΧΟΝΤΑ» slip area. Your bet is always placed on the next available race.


       You may select more than one bets from the same race, but the bets will not be combined.

2. Please mark the desired betting amount (€) in the «ΠΟΣΟ» area. You may mark up to 3 amounts that will be summed up. If, for example, you want to bet 8,5€, please select 0,5, 3 and 5 as follows:

3. You have the option to place the same bet on more than one race by marking the desired number of consecutive draws you want to bet. If, for example, you want to bet the same bet on 10 consecutive draw you mark 10 as follows:


4. Validate your slip to over the counter and receive your bet receipt from the agent.


You can always place a bet in additional markets in Virtual Sports through Self Service Betting Terminals (Opapbet).

For more information please contact your agent.